Saturday, March 25, 2006


Rabbie Burns Shumacher from Hawaii was my Secret Paws giver, and what wonderful thingys he done give me...there were seven things in the postal that beautiful Easter Egg that six of the stuffs came in...Mommy will probably pack away the toys for safe keeping once I'm finished playing with them...but, not yet...Right now they are all over the house so everywhere I go I have NEW toys to play with....Puuuurrrrr. Rabbie knows good toys and good packages, too...there was a BIG Paw Print Sticker on the outside of the post bag....

There is a long wand with a pretty poofy thing on the end...I love to watch that with my eyes and then pounce! Sometimes I just bat the poofy thing with my paw, it all depends how the spirit moves me, you know?

There are two Mousy' green my Mommy says and one blue, (the blue one is in the picture with the poofy thing...I was stalking them both at this point, trying to decide which one I wanted to attack...of course, I love Mousey's, you know...don't you love them too?...Puuuurrrrr

Then there are two little light weight balls with some kind of sparkly stuff coming out on them....Mommy couldn't seem to get a good picture of can sort of see them in that first photo...well, no you can't...(Mommy said the computer guy deleted some good pictures by mistake when he was tring to help her with her camera. Some help.)

And then, my two favorite, (well, right this minute, anyway...) are these two jack type thingys...I played really hard with thems and even carried one (the green one M. said...) in my mouth to my Mommy so she would throw it for me...She did. She is smart. I didn't have to meow at her too long before she got it, you know? Why don't humans play with stuff like this? Why do they play with these big things that flicker like a television? They just sit there and stare and move their fingers funny...Is this playing? Gee, I don't think so. Well, not to me it's not. Carrying this little jack in my mouth and attacking it and batting it that is what I call playing, you know?

Well....I wored-ed myself out so I'm going to settle down for a bit and maybe take a little nap, you know?

Thank You So Very Much Dear Rabbie, you pick out the best Secret Paws Easter Presents, ever....Puuuuurrrrrrr.


Blogger Rachel said...

Oh Sweetie, what a wonderful gift you received! I love getting goodie packages too like that.

I used to play with jacks when I was a kid. That doesn't seem very long ago!

Enjoy the goodies. You are looking good again today you know. I'm sure that the female cats that see you are all in love....

8:55 AM  
Blogger brandi said...

Sweetie, you are one lucky kitty! Hope you have lots of fun with your fun prezzies!

4:29 PM  
Blogger one of us said...

You are very welcome Sweetie ~Rabbie Burns

You are such a handsome poodie, Sweetie ~Poi Mom Jane

12:49 PM  
Blogger George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Oh, wow. Look at all those toys. Just don't swallow one of those jack things.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Tiny Dog Oy said...

Wow, what pretties! You are one lucky cat!

7:40 PM  
Blogger srp said...

We showed our Mom this and purred and meowed. We want toys too. She just looked at us and pointed to the two toy boxes.... does that mean she thinks we have enough? Have fun Sweetie.

Willow and Company

5:23 AM  

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